A project in which gasoline flooded our veins. For Vogelsänger GmbH we were allowed to create a 3D animation for the safety shoe from Puma. A unique opportunity to present the features and the shoe in the most exciting way possible. The focus was on motosport, as the safety shoe itself was developed for the area. It was a special pleasure for us to participate in this project.

In this project, it was particularly important that we exploit our entire 3D repertoire. Starting with the animatics, through the 3D scan, the modeling, camera animation, materiality, to the visual effects of the animation itself. A good workflow between Vogelsänger and grundform was essential to make the competencies as efficient as possible. We have enjoyed great support in the areas of 3D, post-production and editing. The Voglesänger team has accomplished a remarkable achievement here. Thank you for this opportunity.

Customer: Vogelsänger GmbH

Client: Vogelsänger GmbH

Project: Puma Safety MTSP

Sound, Cut, Concept: Vogelsänger GmbH

Modelling, 3D Scans, CGI, Animation: grundform GmbH