To bundle ressources effectively and purposefully, grundform is the logical step. By design, commitment to quality and passion for aesthetics the three founders are united. Developing new ideas, releasing the passion for content and visual design – that is grundform. Aesthetic images attract attention, contents fascinate. We tell stories through visual images, we create emotions.

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The team

Thorwald Hoffmann

Always using the opportunity to network, enjoying cycling as well as climbing. 3D designer, photographer, father, communication designer, passionate entrepreneur. Designing at all times, even when cooking. Solution-oriented and a genuine all-rounder at grundform.

grundform jan schepp

Jan Schepp

An avid cyclist, a virtuoso on the computer, a passionate designer. Always focussing on the final result and is dedicated entirely on his work. Walking encyclopedia and a barbecue expert. Several strengths regarding architecture and colour composition and a weakness for good coffee.

Irinel Papuc

When it gets complicated, he’s the one. Moving mountains and objects on the computer.
Taking up challenges ambitiously and curiously – whether regarding his work or the boulder wall when climbing. Specialist for simulations and visual effects. As strong as an ox and as fit as a fiddle he likes to break new ground. World’s best inventor of new sauces. The first one in the office and the last one to leave. A very passionate designer.

grundform anton

Anton Seltmann

„I can do this all day“ (Quote: Marvel)
Famous for his ability to focus on every detail and not even thinking about quitting before everything is right. Even as our apprentice, he is already our expert in Adobe Substance applications, models every corner to perfection and takes resposibility for our asset- and texture creations. You can find vivid colours in his interior designs as well as in his haircut from time to time.

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3D visualisation

Visions become visible, impressive virtual worlds are being created. 3D visualisation offers many possibilities far beyond conventional photography.


Architectural visualisation

An authentic and realistic atmosphere, a proper light setting and materiality are often demonstrated in a comprehensive presentation. Architectural visualisation is an ideal compliment to samples of real equipment and therefore important to make visions more visible.


CGI visual worlds

Via CGI, values, emotions and stories can be realized and therefore expressed in customized visual worlds of products.


Animation / VFX

Stunning effects from abstraction to realism – 3D animation and simulation makes impressive communication possible and by means of images, brands can thereby stick to the client‘s mind.


Marketing for real estate development

For project development one series of images is hardly sufficient. It is the complete product that is essential to successfully develope and commercialize projects. Unique and customized ideas result from close cooperation with marketing and advertising agencies.



Suspense and content-related credibility are only two aspects of an entire storytelling. A successfull narrative structure needs an excellent concept and novel ideas.


3D consultating

Specifying objectives for CGI project requires expertise. From the concept and storytelling to an economically planned workflow – everything should run smoothly.


CGI automation

Documentation of workflows, process optimisation, development of the perfect pipeline for the client – these are one of our most important objectives. With minor visual programmes the creation of image motives is much faster and more efficient – to mention only one example.


Styleframes / Lookdevelopment

As pre-production for expressive media we create style frames for the visualization of concepts for brands and companies.